Hygiene - Applying Hygiene

Applying Hygiene

It may go a bit too far to say, that our society’s future depends on hygiene. Though, surely, hygiene will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, both at home and at the work place. While currently, more than ever, the importance of hygiene being emphasized, hygiene has been a focus point at Lune already for years. In all our circular waste collection systems it has played a key role. Regardless, which model you choose, behind each attractive design is an intelligent solution that ensures that your commercial refuse can be collected and recycled in the most responsible and hygienic way possible.

No Touch Cleanliness

Our waste collection systems are generally open systems that do not require to be touched. Large openings allow for the waste to be disposed in the designated collection bins, all in a convenient, fast and hygienic manner. Only your cleaning personnel comes in contact with the collection bins, though as professionals they know how to deal with it and follow their own strict hygiene protocol. In terms of hygiene, an open waste collection system is superior to other systems, though, if desired, our waste collection systems are also available with a tight fitting lid.


Tidy In Every Aspect

At Lune, highest standards of hygiene are not only limited to the well thought-out process of dropping and dividing the waste. Thanks to special design features our waste systems are also very clean in their every day use. For instance, nearly all of our waste solutions are equipped with conveniently removable inner containers, that hold the trash bags in place reliably. This keeps the interior of the systems from getting soiled should there be an accidental spill. The inner bins are fully water tight, so that liquids cannot escape. All parts have a smooth surface and rounded edges, so that nothing can cling, or get caught and the waste systems are easy to clean inside and out. Also, the direct environment of our systems is easy to keep tidy and clean, as most models can be moved effortlessly and conveniently.

A True Beauty

Besides extended hygiene, our waste collection systems also shine due to their contemporary design. Each model has its own attractive look, giving your work environment an extra tidy appearance. Waste collection systems can be placed in every location – from office to work shop – both freestanding, as well as placed along a wall, or divider. Due to their unique design, waste bags cannot be seen on the outside of the unit which makes the use of our systems even more attractive.

Making Hygiene Important

As hygiene is very important, we like to hear feedback from all of our users who work with our waste collection systems. This includes everyone, from user to cleaning personnel, and from office all the way to educational facilities. Especially in health care we continuously learn how hygiene can be brought up another level. This enabled us to develop a waste collection system for the pre-surgery room at the Radboud University Medical Center – an environment where hygiene literally saves lives. Also other hospitals and care facilities have opted for our extensive know-how and our experience in the field of hygiene. We continuously implement this advantage in our broad variety of waste collection solutions for every work environment.

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