The beauty of circularity

Circular Economy

These days, everyone recognises the imperative of a circular economy, with maximum reuse of products and raw materials and the prevention of value destruction. Lune, too, is focusing on circularity with complete conviction. In words and actions! For instance, since 2013 we have been manufacturing the first Cradle2Cradle waste bin in the world. We have also taken great strides in terms of circularity. Our complete product range is geared to it and we have been able to significantly reduce our use of materials. Partly as a result, we are one of the leaders in the Netherlands in applying circularity in practice. A true circular pioneer, in other words.

Ready for the future

Our aim is to reuse products, parts and raw materials/other materials at the highest quality level possible. In doing so, we and our suppliers already take a circular approach to design and production. As a result, we are often able to upgrade and repair a product relatively easily, which means it is guaranteed to be future-proof. In most cases, parts used in our designs can be refurbished and even reused in other products, keeping these parts out of the recycling process, and giving them a new purpose, while retaining their value.


Circular thinking from the start

In all our designs, we maximise circularity right from the start. We advise and support you in every phase of the circular pathway. And we can also take over complete responsibility for this pathway for you – from design and production to implementation of return streams (taking back and recycling parts and waste bins for reuse). We work with you on the basis of the R1-7 model. This describes seven levels of circularity:

  1. Reduce
  2. Re-use
  3. Repair
  4. Refurbish
  5. Remanufacture
  6. Recycle
  7. Recover

All these elements separately and combined ensure that our products are as circular as possible. So you can be sure that the loss of value of our waste systems is minimal.

The business model of tomorrow

A circular economy also calls for effective new business models centred on a shift from ownership to use and convenience – and the associated efficiency and savings. At Lune, you can choose from different contemporary usage models, complete with supporting services. They include rental, lease, a guaranteed final price and return streams. We will be happy to discuss with you which model best suits your specific needs.

Working on circularity together

Many government agencies and organisations are already working with us on the basis of circularity. The transition to circularity is different for everyone and depends in part on the phase you are currently in. Moreover, the steps that can be taken differ from case to case. Our solid basis is always optimum cooperation and partnership within the chain, encouraging co-creation, open innovation and knowledge-sharing. That way, everyone can learn from the process with reference to their own organisation.

It does not happen by itself; that much is certain. It takes a lot of effort and the capacity to actually put new ideas into practice. But those who take this step will definitely benefit. So, our advice is: make a start! At Lune, we will be happy to help you get started.

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