Why sustainable waste separation at Lune?

Our vision

Sustainable waste separation is not just a matter of having the right waste bins; above all, it is a way of thinking and acting. The ultimate goal is to get the whole of Europe handling waste with awareness. In doing so, we consider every organisation – large or small – equally important. Even installing one waste unit makes a contribution to sustainability. Therefore, we deliberately keep the threshold as low as possible. Even before you order, or install a bin, we look at your situation thoroughly and make a customised recommendation. If you choose Lune, you can count on extensive support and guidance – before, during and after implementation. We will also help you achieve clear communication within your organisation, so that everyone quickly becomes familiar with sustainable waste management. Our approach is based on our 4 core values: design, efficiency, circularity and expertise.

Why sustainable waste separation?

Sustainability is moving ever higher up the social agenda. Government, businesses and citizens are more aware than ever of the need to handle raw materials and waste streams wisely and efficiently. For instance, the National Waste Management Plan 2 (2017-2021) requires the authorities to separate waste, causing the national government to adopted a sustainable waste separation requirement (waste separation at source) – an example which is now being widely adapted.

The increasing scarcity in raw materials makes a transition to a circular economy essential. To support and speed up this transition, the From Waste To Raw Material (Van Afval naar Grondstof – VANG) programme was set up by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment . The reuse of raw materials with high energy level along with recycling result in fewer CO2 emissions, reducing the pressure on raw materials.

Sustainable waste management and waste separation play an important role and the benefits – also for you – are crystal clear:

  • You reduce your costs. Reduced waste disposal means reduced disposal costs. And central waste collection instead of waste bins in the workplace result in reduced cleaning costs.
  • You create awareness within your (sustainable) organisation by means of visible waste separation and communicate this to the outside world.
  • You take an important step in your pursuit of corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • You score points more quickly as part of your BREEAM certification.

Today’s society is demanding sustainable waste separation. Lune offers future-proof solutions for all levels of society: from government agencies and municipalities to companies and institutions; and from schools and universities to airports and hospitals. That is exactly where our approach can make a difference. How and why? We define this in our 4 core values: design, efficiency, circularity and expertise.

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