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Mastering Corona Waste

Absolute hygiene plays a crucial role our social distancing society. Without this hygiene, it is impossible to control and contain viruses, such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. We do everything in order to function as actively and safely as possible. This certainly applies to any environment in which people work, from companies to institutions.

One of the simplest precautionary measures you can take in this matter is the installation of extra safe waste bins for “Corona waste”. Lune has developed the well thought out “Corona Bin” especially for this purpose, a unique waste system that is not only indispensable today but also entirely future-proof. The Corona Bin is an addition to the Paxa line and therefore integrates effortlessly into this line.

Intelligent Hygiene

What makes Lune’s Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) so special? The waste system is equipped with a soft-close feature which ensures that the escape of air from the container remains minimal. This will keep Corona particles in the bin as much as possible. Super safe. The air displacement is therefore negligible and thanks to the mechanical foot control your never have to touch it with your hands. This makes Lune’s Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) very user-friendly and guaranteed safe.

Corona waste

Clearly Recognizable

Additionally, the Corona Waste Bin (Paxa with foot control) is very recognizable due to its vibrant violet color and its striking COVID-19 logo. The matching waste bags are also violet in color and made of extra thick 70m quality material, which is the standard in many hospitals. It is clear at first glance where this Corona waste belongs! This version is also available in various other colors. 

Extensive Experience in Hospitals

Corona waste is not ordinary waste, but potentially highly contagious for anyone who comes in contact with it. Therefore, it must be collected and disposed of with special emphasis on hygiene. Hospitals generally have more waste streams than others and must handle these in a very hygienic way. Here, the standard is often higher than elsewhere. Lune has been working with renowned University Medical Centers for years and has a lot of relevant experience in this field, which has now been applied and refined in the Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) with utmost efficiency. Temperature test have shown that the material even meets the high Finnish hospital requirements. For hospitals and numerous healthcare facilities, this means the Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) can be washed along with the beds in the automated bed washers.

Safety First

The Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) is a compact stand-alone model available in three sizes. It can effortlessly be placed in areas where people want to dispose of their used tissues, gloves and face masks. A common area to do so is where you leave a building, obviously making the placement near an exit a good idea. But masks are also removed when leaving the workplace or when entering the cafeteria. In all these locations, the Corona Bin is (Paxa with foot control) a actually a hygienic must. With Lune’s Corona Bin (Paxa with foot control) you meet the strictest requirements and give your employees and visitors a lasting feeling of safety.

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