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S: 45 x 24 cm / M: 60 x 24 cm / L: 72 x 30 cm / XL: 72 x 35 cm
S: 23 liter / M: 34 liter / L: 65 liter / XL: 90 liter
All RAL-colors
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Lune is well known for its Circular Waste Bins. The Paxa was the first waste bin that was designed using those principles. The Paxa family comes in a wide ranges of sizes (S to XL) and options. The Paxa is Lune’s modular and linkable waste bin that is fully designed on the basis of the principles of the Circular Economy.

Because the individual waste bins are linked by means of a magnet, the bins can be linked in length, but also as a cluster. This makes the Paxa unlimitedly connectable. The Paxa can be retrofitted (where it regards) depending on volume and the type of waste flow. The Paxa can be configured to your liking: with a loose lid, a hinging and damped lid or even with a front door so that you can ergonomically clean and change the waste bags.

The circular nature of the Paxa is highlighted by its bamboo lid. Bamboo is renewable, has a long life span, is wear resistant and durable. Because of the compact fiber structure, bamboo is harder than many other types of wood.

In addition to a bamboo lid, the Paxa can also be fitted with a lid made out of biocomposites, regenerate and even flip flops.

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