Waste separation systems with a story

Lune is a specialist in the design, development and production of indoor and outdoor waste separation systems. All our waste separation systems are specially made to make waste separation as easy as possible; for users and for the people who empty the bin. Everything is aimed at recycling and reprocessing waste. Our bins are already available at dozens of companies, healthcare and educational institutions and governments. Lune also has suitable waste separation systems for small entrepreneurs and SMEs. This makes waste separation at the office just as easy as at home.

From pioneer to expert

Since 2012, Lune started producing Cradle to Cradle (fully reusable) waste separation systems. We then commissioned the metal frames for the first Cradle to Cradle waste bin in the world. In the ten years that followed Lune has grown into the expert in the field of waste separation. We not only produce today’s waste separation systems ourselves, we also design them completely. In this way we ensure that the bins can be used optimally for everyone. That we are now an expert in this, is evident from our long list of users. Lune’s waste separation systems can be found, for example, in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, at Heineken, PostNL and ASML. We also helped AVIA, the University of Groningen and Radboud UMC with the right waste separation systems and appropriate advice.

Working together on quality

Lune’s designers don’t have an easy task: come up with a product that will be used often, looks good and also lasts a long time. The awards that Lune’s waste separation systems have won show that that mission has succeeded. This is not only due to our designers, but also to the craftsmanship of our other employees. Our professionals are committed to all stages of production: from product development to technical planning and from production to logistics and advice. And you can see that in the results.

It runs in the family

It’s not a coincidence that Lune’s waste separation systems are made of (stainless) steel and aluminium. Lune is part of a family business that has been working with metal for 120 years. It all started in 1903 in Assen, Drenthe, with the forge of Reint Brink. His son Roelof took over the company and in the 1930s focused on building trailers. After World War II, Brink went under the name K.A.T. further in Meppel and later in Staphorst. In 1999 Brink Industrial came to Hoogeveen after the acquisition of Artola.


Lune has been part of Brink since 2003 and we make our sustainable waste separation systems here. Whatever product is made by Brink, that it is made of metal has been a given all these years. It’s in the family, after all.

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