Future vision

This is how we make sustainability naturally

Separating sustainable waste is not only a matter of having the right waste separation systems, but also a way of thinking and acting. At Lune, we want the whole of Europe to deal with waste consciously. Every person and every organization can contribute to this. What we used to call waste is now a raw material. This not only saves money, but we also create awareness and reduce the pressure on raw materials and CO2 emissions.



The beauty of circularity

Reuse is very important to Lune. We demonstrate this with every new waste bin that we design and produce. We’re happy to help entrepreneurs and organizations to also work circularly. For this we use the phases of the 10R circularity ladder.

Sustainability: never thought it could be so easy

At Lune we produce as much as possible ourselves in the factory of mother company Brink Industrial at Hoogeveen. This allows us to organize the process as well as possible within our own high-tech production line and we put circularity and Industry 5.0 into practice on a daily basis.

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