Expertise - from first contact to maintenance

The Lune team has over 10 years of experience in implementing sustainable waste separation systems – from first contact to maintenance. We have developed our expertise by working with small, medium-sized and large organisations over the years. Lune is now the market leader in metal design waste bins in the Benelux countries and has successful operations in a growing number of European countries.


We will be pleased to share our expertise to provide the best possible support for sustainable waste management within your organisation. Together with independent advisers and partners, we offer this as an optional extra service. In doing so, we go far beyond simply supplying products. If you choose to make use of this service, we will provide:

  • An extensive waste scan (checking your existing waste streams)
  • An analysis of costs and benefits in your specific situation based on various reports
  • An inventory of the required sustainable solutions
  • A forecast of possible savings on waste and cleaning costs (how soon will you break even on your investment?)
  • help with your internal communication, including instructional slides for your intranet site
  • Help with implementation, with a focus on behavioural change
  • A trial placement at your location, which will involve testing the chosen system in practice (normally for at least 4 weeks or a period agreed with you)

Based on our expertise and findings at your location, we will advise you on which system is best suited to you. The switch from waste bins in the workplace to central waste collection will bring a change in behaviour in your organisation. We will provide accessible coaching in order to help facilitate this.

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