The beauty of circularity

Reuse is very important to Lune. We demonstrate this with every new system we design and produce. Each system is made of sustainable materials: steel, aluminum, bamboo or recycled plastic. We stick to the same design, so that parts can always be renewed if necessary. Upgrading or repairing our waste separation systems is also possible, which guarantees that they are future-proof.

Circularity Ladder

The 10R circularity ladder was drawn up by Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Cramer. She describes the 10 steps of circularity. It is aimed at making the product smarter and using it effectively, extending the lifespan of the product and parts and making good use of residual materials. Lune can support you in every phase of the circular process:

Circular trajectory phases

  1. Reduce: use fewer raw materials
  2. Redesign: redesign with circularity in mind
  3. Re-use: reuse product
  4. Repair: maintenance and repair
  5. Refurbish: refurbish product
  6. Remanufacture: making new products from used products
  7. Re-purpose: reusing product in a different way
  8. Recycle: processing and reusing materials
  9. Recover: energy recovery from production
  10. Refuse: refuse/prevent a product
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