The Vario is a modular bulk waste separation system that is made out of steel. The Vario is available in a M, L and XL version and comes with various top options. If a lot of waste is offered in a very short period of time then the Vario is the product of your choice. The Vario is equipped with a door so that it can be ergonomically cleaned and emptied.

For example, the Vario may consist of one section or a row of sections, making high volume waste separation at the source easy and efficient: the colored lids are interchangeable, the Vario’s can be coupled and approached from multiple sides. The Vario comes with a wide range of options such as wheels, coloured inserts, door lock, inner bin, bag holder etc.

This waste bin can be found at the Johan Cruijff Arena and in a number of universities and semipublic areas. It is robust and vandal-proof.



Design 1609bold | Realisation Sieronline B.V.